Botlhale Media 'n Promotions

Who are we?

Botlhale Media 'n Promotions is a 100% female owned marketing and communications agency that is thriving on driving results via effective and measurable solutions. We pride ourselves in creating an experience that goes beyond expectations. We are a full circle agency ranging from marketing and communication services from conception to completion. We have a significant impact in the market place and enjoy a successful reputation in the areas of Marketing, Corporate Sales, Media Management, Event Management Signage/Display production and installation at both Corporate and Industry levels. An organisation’s greatest asset is its brand and we understand that at Botlhale Media 'N Promotions. Our track record is next to none because of our service focused approach.


Botlhale Media ‘n Promotions has a clear sense of purpose. Guided by our clear vision and values, we operate with a purpose, and before we do anything we repetitively ask ourselves why we are doing it, creating an environment of target setting and achievement. This will be felt in our relationships with clients as we begin with the end in mind. We believe that clarity leads to productivity, and the prime resolve will remain to help your business grow.



To develop skilled and productive young people who will be involved in nation building and gain the ability to sustain themselves and future generations.
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